Fiona Loudon: What Are the Reason Behind Her Divorce With Ex-husband Daniel Craig?

Fiona Loudon: What Are the Reason Behind Her Divorce With Ex-husband Daniel Craig?


Fiona Loudon has made a name for herself as a successful copywriter, but her personal life is anything but smooth sailing. After more than two years of marriage, Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig announced their divorce in May of this year. What are the reasons behind her divorce? And what can we learn from it to improve our relationships? Read on to find out.

Divorce is not easy, but Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig found it to be harder than they anticipated

The couple split up after just two years of marriage due to disagreements on how to raise their two children. Loudon candidly discussed her experience with UK’s The Sunday Times magazine and dished on the struggles that came with ending things.

Even though divorce can be a difficult process, Loudon credits her ex-husband for being understanding and supportive during their time together. Additionally, she admits that she might have made some mistakes during their relationship – but ultimately agrees that it was worth ending things because they just weren’t compatible as a couple.

Divorce is a worrisome business altogether, but in Loudon’s case, it was made even more difficult by the fact that she was in a very public relationship with a Hollywood icon. However, despite all of the challenges faced during this time, both parties eventually came out stronger on the other side.

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The couple had been married for eight years and had two children together

Eight years ago, Fiona Loudon and her ex-husband Daniel Craig got married. The couple had two children together. However, the couple recently divorced. Loudon has not revealed why the divorce happened, but she did say that it was amicable. She also noted that she is “absolutely fine” with her children continuing to see their father.

Loudon has alleged that Craig was unfaithful to her

According to reports, Fiona Loudon filed for divorce from ex-husband Daniel Craig citing “unfaithfulness”. Loudon and Craig married in 2008 and have two children together. The former model is now said to be dating American singer Sean Foreman. It has been alleged that Craig was unfaithful to her with another woman, which is believed to have led to their split. It’s not clear what the reason for this alleged infidelity may have been, though sources close to the couple claim it was a long-running problem. Fiona Loudon has since retained lawyer Dinyar Haran and is expected to make a statement about her divorce later this week.

Loudon has also alleged that Craig would get angry with her for no reason at all

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Loudon alleged that Craig would get angry with her for no reason at all. She said: “He’d fly into a rage for no reason – just because I had left the house without telling him.

“He was very controlling and domineering. He always had to be right, and I would often find myself cowering in fear of his temper.” Loudon went on to say that when she asked Craig for a divorce in 2015, he initially refused, but eventually agreed under the condition that their two children remain living with him. Since then, Loudon has been living mainly in London and has since dated actor Jamie Bell.

Loudon has since moved on and is now dating a new man

She has spoken out about the pain and heartache that comes with divorce, but she is now focusing on her new relationship.

Loudon married ex-husband Daniel Craig in 2008, after they had been dating for four years. The pair met while shooting the 2007 film “Casanova” and quickly hit it off. However, Loudon later revealed that their marriage was not happy from the beginning. In an interview with DailyMailTV, Loudon said:

I think we were both young when we got married. We just sort of fell into it I think and then we just kind of grew apart.

The couple had two children together, but it was clear from the start that their relationship wasn’t working. In December 2017, Loudon announced her divorce via Instagram Stories. She wrote:

It’s with huge sadness that I announce my divorce from Daniel Craig. Our separation started amicably in November 2017 but sadly things have not been right between us for some time. We remain best friends and will continue to support each other through this difficult time. A huge thank you to everyone so supportive throughout this process!

Loudon has been candid about the reasons for their split, explaining that she had become unhappy with her life as an actress and was seeking a change. She now stars in the BBC3 show The Expedition. Loudon’s story is not unique: many couples experience difficulties during their marriage and eventually decide to end it. However, Fiona Loudon‘s decision to speak openly about her struggles has made her a strong advocate for divorce rights and helped raise awareness of the problems that can occur when marriages don’t work.


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